Featured Boss Babe: Cathy Harbick

Interview from The Rachel Sorbet Portraiture

Give us a synopsis of your business or career.

I have been an Entrepreneur along with my husband for over 30 years! In one fashion or another I have served the public in the hospitality industry from owning and operating a Best Western Hotel, to property ownership/rentals and property management, to owning and operating a 23-acre family campground catering to tourists in the central mountains of Colorado. It is no surprise that I find myself once again wanting to help others as a Real Estate Agent by making dreams happen for my Clients, representing home buyers and sellers!

Why do you do what you do? And what's your favorite thing about what you do?

Knowing why I do what I do, makes the toughest days easier! After selling our very successful 23-acre campground in 2022, I am now embracing the freedom and flexibility to focus full-time on serving my Clients, as well as having the time to spend with my Family and Friends. I am a giver by nature. So, this is by far the favorite thing about what I do, helping others in making their dreams come true.

How do you measure success and how has that changed over time?

There are several ways I measure my successes, customer satisfaction, efficiency in my work, high customer retention, and nurturing relationships within my sphere of influence. True success in the business of a Real Estate Agent starts not with the desire to Sell, but rather the desire to Serve.

How has your industry changed and how do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends?

Technology is quickly changing and shaping the future of real estate, and the pandemic fueled the mass adoption of many new technologies, such as, the use of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the development of aerial drone photography. Awareness and forward-thinking is vital in my strategy and approach to certain aspects of the ever-evolving real estate environment. Staying up to date, by continuing my education and circling myself around other like-minded people will assist me in staying current with the latest and ever-changing real estate industry.

What are some growing pains that you had to overcome when scaling your business?

I am infamous for wanting to control every last detail. Knowing when to delegate to an assistant has been my biggest challenge to overcome when scaling my business.

At the end of your career, what is the legacy that you hope to leave behind?

My hope is that my Family will know that I worked for a Cause and not for Applause, I lived life to Express and not to Impress, and that I did not strive to make my Presence noticed but in turn to make my Absence felt. Foremost, I hope I made my clients smile and I made their dreams come true!!

Cathy Harbick is a Real Estate Agent with First Colorado Land Office in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Work With Cathy

Cathy recognizes the trust her clients place in her when buying or selling real estate in Buena Vista CO. She values every client with clear communication, integrity, and trust.